Excellence finds a Voice


The IRIS Hub, is published by AccessEdu, Inc. through The IRIS, is the primary repository for news, think pieces, analyses and features pertaining to national and international trends in science, technology, and innovation; development of intellectual capital; higher education and academic leadership; research and scientific achievements; academe-industry collaborations; international higher education; university rankings; research grant opportunities in science and technology as well as job and consulting opportunities for people in science, technology, research and the academe.

For its first issue, The IRIS Hub welcomed 2018-2019 by highlighting the research productivity of Philippine universities in the field of the Natural Sciences. In its Ripples Section, a free-wheeling conversation among six of the Philippines’ scientists and researchers about their scientific and research careers and the road ahead for developing a culture of science and innovation in the country.

The IRIS Hub aims to continuously engage and encourage all of its readers to join in continuing and enlightening conversations that engender new ideas, move us into action, or propel us to explore new frontiers.

The IRIS Hub’s next issue will be launched this Q2 2019.

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