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The “University 4.0” Concept Model

The Intellectual Capital fuels knowledge production, spurs revisions to innovations, catalyzes incremental innovations, identifies and develops new enterprises and business opportunities, facilitates technology adoption, and leads to the diffusion or transfer of knowledge to another generation of skilled workers, which then accrues to enhanced human and social capital.

Establishing Universities as Centers and Hubs of Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a key strategy for the University 4.0 Model. The Institutes for Research, Innovation and Scholarship (The IRIS) provides technical advisory services to University Leaders in crafting their University Strategic Plans anchored on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Through this strategy, future-oriented targets such as university programs encouraged to “cross-pollinate” courses/ degree programs to engage faculty and students in the collaborative and multi-perspective nature of innovation and entrepreneurship, are easily attained.

Activities to capacitate SUCs/HEIs to establish pathways for university publications and patents to be translated into industry solutions or to pass on university researches to industry for adoption are also included in the Program through the University 4.0 Faculty Development Plan.

To know more about the IRIS Research Mentoring Courses, send us an email at irishubedu@gmail.com with a subject line “REQUEST FOR INFO University 4.0 – Name of your HEI”.