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Dr. Bornales leads MOCOS Philippines Study Group

The Institutes for Research, Innovation, and Scholarship (The IRIS) proudly congratulates IRIS Scientific Advisor Dr. Jinky Bornales (Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension, Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology) for leading a group of MSU-IIT data scientists and researchers in the Filipino-German-Polish research group named MOCOS (MOdeling COrona Spread). General users may access the study group website at https://mocos.pl/.

The model developed and used by the group has an underlying agent-based stochastic infection dynamic, whereby everything is based on contact structures obtained directly from microcensus data such as household structure. The group is being consulted by the Polish government and some city governments in Germany. In the Philippines, the simulation results for Iligan city helped the LGU to decide for the extension of the ECQ until April 30, 2020 for the city. The group has also done simulations for other scenarios Iligan City. Currently, the MSU-IIT researchers are running simulations for Manila and Region X to find out what combination rates of testing and social distancing will work which can helpful for planning a successful exit strategy taking into account the household and family structure of Filipinos.

You may access the MOCOS Case Study of MSU-IIT here:

You may access the PNA article on ECQ extension here:

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